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Message from Co-Founder and CEO

Welcome to Global APD


Thank you for your interest in Global APD. Whether you are already our partner/client, or a potential partner/client, I encourage you to further explore our website to learn more about us and to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information regarding a particular area.


We are a service provider to cover almost all of the HR issues, including human resource development, HR policy planning and consulting, services for employees on overseas assignments, and operation and management outsourcing. In response to the various HR challenges that companies/workplaces encounter, we provide our clients with HR development programs tailored to each level of employment starting from newly hired employees to top management.


Talent success is our highest priority – we offer a strong selection of training and professional development programs reflecting today’s high-demand fields. Our highly qualified faculty and staff offer programs that help professionals reach their goals. We create opportunities for our clients, faculty and staff to work and learn together, promoting a client-centered atmosphere. We are proud that our clients gain knowledge and skills that prepare them to live and work in a multicultural, global world.


Development of human resources is essential for any organization that would like to be dynamic and growth-oriented. Unlike other resources, human resources have rather unlimited potential capabilities. The potential can be used only by creating a climate that can continuously identify, bring to surface, nurture and use the capabilities of people. It is a role of management to ensure that the organization and its people acquire the competencies and knowledge it needs through education, training and development activities.


Human resource is needed to be developed as per the change in external/internal environment of the organization. Hence, our HRD services will help to adapt such changes through the development of existing human resource in terms of skills and knowledge. Global APD will assist your organization to ensure that at all levels, the human resource development strategy is aligned with broader strategic imperatives, and that sufficient emphasis is placed on the human resource development function.


The main focus for us is to create the framework for helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities, including such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, and organizational development.


With other words, the focus of Global APD is on developing the most superior workforce so that the organization and individual employees can accomplish their work goals in service to customers.

Among services we provide, the following can be mentioned:

1. Development of human skills and knowledge

2. Matching training needs with organizational requirements

4. Planning, and management of change in an organization

5. How to manage conflicts in an organization

6. Career development plans

7. How to address issues related to lack of commitment in work place

8. How to achieve better job performance among employees

9. How to increase the job satisfaction among the employees

10. How to further improve/develop organizational health, culture and environment

11. How to achieve greater organizational effectiveness in an ever-changing environment

12. Outsourcing options for operation and management of various types of organizations


Global APD has much to be proud of: strong partners and resource persons; and an exceptional network of academicians and practitioners. Our commitment is to provide academic excellence in all of our courses. We are committed to continuing to find ways to invest in programs, services, and technology and other resources necessary to further enhance our clients’ professional success. Engaged communication with our clients, collaborative problem-solving, and an unwavering focus on what is best for our clients are key principles of our company.


Please take a moment to consider using our services to pave the way for change in your company/organization. I hope that you will consider Global APD as a trusted partner of your organization’s HR department.


Thank you again for visiting our webpage. We are pleased that you took the time to find out more about us.


I look forward to seeing you in person in near future.




Prof. Dr. Said Irandoust, PhD


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Meet Our CEO


Said Irandoust

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Date of Birth: September 23, 1960

Place of Birth: Tabriz – Iranian Azerbaijan

Citizenship: Swedish

Current Position: Consultant, Accelerated Value (Sweden); Co-Founder & CEO of Global APD (Sweden)

E-mail: (office) or (private)

Academic Degrees

• 1984 M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

• 1989 Ph.D. in Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chalmers, Sweden

• 1994 Docent (Associate Professor) in Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chalmers, Sweden

• 1998 Professor (“biträdande”) in Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chalmers, Sweden

• 1999 Professor in Chemical Engineering, Chalmers, Sweden


Gothenburg Packhusplatsen4b 41113,Sweden